setembro 14, 2009

Love's not what you do.

__ When the night reaches us and the lights turn on across the ocean. There’s some lost souls looking for something, and some others giving this one. The music sounds like a story, moving the people to others dimensions and telling them what to do.
__ There’s somebody lost too. Someone who’s named Penny, and she wants too much to find there what she looked for every time in her life. There’s someone beautiful across the street, and he wants her to feel what he can do for this special moment.
__ There’s someone to listen to my story? About a girl who can’t stay here anymore. She was the most charm girl I’ve seen before.
__ Her clothes were flying without her in the street, making the music. Feel it in the bones. She was walking, dancing, drinking, and freaking out herself. She was amazing, so funny and beautiful. The people were used to see her, to watch her moving the body every psycho dance.
__ She has decided to look back, and have found the most perfect soul. She tried to pretend him - fool kid - there’s no way to pretend this one. His eyes were filled with infinity, and she smiled. There’s no joke, he wants her more than he can imagine. NOT ABLE TO PLAY LIKE THIS.
__ Both started to dance. The night’s burning their feelings and the game is just the beginning. It’ll be like a love, they’ll look like lovers, and their world will stop this night. The music makes them too close. Close enough to feel what they are.

__ ― You’ll keep crying. Coz everybody knows you weak. Just feel me, can you?

__ Two thousand stars. I’ve counted those.

__ ― Feel, my heart’s asking you. What do you wanna be?

__ Just feel it.
__ And it’s coming closer.